CFE January 2003 Meeting - Camarillo, CA

The first CFE meeting of 2004 was held on Saturday, January 17 at the Ventura County FD Training Center - Oxnard College Regional Fire Academy (OCRFA) at Camarillo Airport. Apparatus on display included rigs owned by the Fire Academy as well as Crowns owned by CFE members Dave Kromka and Bill Dundas. Dave Kromka, a Ventura County Firefighter and instructor at the academy, was our host for the day and was presented with a CFE plaque. In addition to arranging the meeting site and apparatus display, Dave cooked a hotdog and hamburger lunch for the group following the business meeting, and after lunch the entire group went over to nearby Ventura County FD Station 50 where Dave is stationed. The group was given a station tour as well as a close up look at the department's new ARFF vehicle. CFE member Bill Dundas then invited all those who were interested to a nearby light industrial complex where he showed the group some of the restoration projects he has underway for both his fire apparatus collection as well as his narrow gauge railroads (yes, plural!). This included a close up look at the ex-LAFD 1968 Crown Heavy Utility which currently is undergoing a complete on-frame renovation. Following this, the group was invited out to Bill's 20-acre property in the nearby Santa Rosa Valley where work on his future railroads and home are underway. At this location Bill also has a couple more Crowns hidden away in interesting places. If you are interested in trains, be sure to talk to Bill (I promised the train people I wouldn't put train pictures on this website if they won't put Crown pictures on their sites!).

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Above, rigs lined up on display at the CFE meeting in Camarillo on January 17, 2004. In the foreground: OCRFA Engine 3 is a 1971 Crown (S/N F1648), ex-L.A.F.D., which was originally equipped with a 50 ft. Snorkel. CFE member Mark Gerald owns the sister to this rig (S/N F1649) which also had its Snorkel boom removed.
Above right, Dave Kromka recently acquired this 1982 Crown pumper (S/N F1858) which previously served Brea F.D.
Above left, this Mack CF pumper originally served the City of Ventura and now runs as OCRFA Engine 2. Above center, Bill Dundas now owns this ex -Lakeside F.D. 1500 GPM pumper with a 50 ft telesqurt which was one of the final order of Firecoaches completed by Van Pelt. it bears serial number 75001. Above right, Dave Kromka's nicely restored 1962 Crown pumper (S/N F1268) originally served with Pomona F.D.
Above left, OCRFA Engine 1 is this 1966 Crown (S/N F1443) , ex-LAFD, and is currently not running. Above Center, CFE member Dave Kromka was presented with a CFE plaque for arranging the meeting site, apparatus display, lunch and acting as our host for the day. Above left, this ex-CDF 1978 GMC Type 3 engine last served the state parks department and is now used for training by the academy.
Above left, this 2003 Emergency One ARFF vehicle protects Camarillo airport from Ventura County Fire Station 50. Above center and above right, CFE members inspect the restoration progress of the ex-LAFD, 1967 Crown Heavy Utility (S/N F1494), now owned by Bill Dundas.
Above left, Bill Dundas now owns this 3-axle,1975 Crown Quint (S/N F1732) which has a 100-foot midship mounted Maxim aerial. It originally served Fremont, CA. Above center, CFE members check out the Crown in the tunnel, part of the narrow gauge railroad being built by Bill Dundas. Above right, Bill provided this photo of the rig lit up inside the tunnel before the sides were filled. The rig is a 1971 Crown, tillered ,100 foot ladder truck (S/N F1654) ex-City of Orange FD.