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July, 2009 photo of F1116 showing body work underway, with the cab still enclosed. Rust was slight to moderate on the rear tail board and back wall, cab sides over the wheels, passenger side wheel liner and the bottom of a couple compartments. All panels, doors and brackets were cleaned to bare metal and primered as was the cab interior, body and running boards.The air brakes were completely overhauled, including new plastic air lines, valves, chambers, slack adjusters, brake linings and drums turned. A Bendix AD-9 air dryer was also installed. William says "One of the rear hubs was cracked from an incorrect installation some time during its life. Apparently, Timken and Rockwell were interchangeable at that time, because the Timken axle had hubs with Rockwell casting numbers. Rockwell still has the castings, but the $1500 cost made me find an alternative. I found a machine shop that welded the crack and machined the inside seal surface."


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