1958 Crown being restored in Ohio > F1116-58_XSTB_WVerda_0410_01.JPG

F1116, in an April, 2010 photo in the driveway of CFE member William Vedra's home in Colubus, Ohio. The process of restoration and upgrading of the 1958 Crown is continuing. (Note the LED turn signals and red spots). Much to his dismay, William says that he discovered the pump was cracked and the pump transmission was missing. He located a 1000 gpm Waterous pump, and says "I actually had one whole side of the truck off trying to put another pump in. I couldn't get the drive shaft angles to work-out between the engine, pump and rear axle. I guess that's the reason the transfer case was removed. I think they messed something up during the re-power. The pump casting got cracked when it failed." In the end, he decided to remove the tank and the pump.


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