September 2006 Meeting
Redlands F.D's 1975 Crown/Maxim 100-foot aerial ladder truck had the stick up to great people as they arrived for the meeting.

Redlands 1969 Crown pumper was put up on the lift in the shop bay in order for everyone to get a good look at the underside.

CFE Meeting and Fire Apparatus Maintenance Seminar at Redlands F. D.

We had a very good turnout for our September CFE Meeting and special Apparatus Maintenance Seminar held on Saturday September 9 at the Redlands Fire Department. CFE members and guests were able to get a "ground up" view of a Firecoach pumper (the Redlands 1969 Crown). Redlands Fire Mechanic Nick Lozano gave an overview of things to look for during regular maintenance and answered many good questions from those in attendance, everything from what kind of oil to use to where to find replacement turn signal lenses.

Special thanks to the Redlands Fire Department for allowing CFE the use of their Emergency Operations Center and Shops for this meeting. Thanks especially to Nick Lozano for a very interesting and informative Q&A session. And thanks to Ralph Serrano for helping me set up this meeting, as well as to Redlands FD Engineer Billy Dye and retired Redlands FD Engineer Mack Mitchell for helping me with the items for the raffle ($25 gift certificate to Kragen Auto Parts, an almost new hydrant wrench, large wrecking/pry bar, pump-panel loudspeaker, 6-inch chrome cap, 4.5-inch chrome cap, and many other great items!)

Many asked where to get hard-to-find parts and where to take a rig that needs repairs beyond the capability of the owner. These questions come up frequently in emails to the club, and so we are working on creating a vendor list that will be available on this website. Several years ago I created a list of big rig towing companies that can flatbed rigs and mobile truck tire services for southern CA (numbers you might want to have pre-programmed in your cell phone) but we would like to expand this to include various part sources, mechanics and repair shops, etc. If you have had to track down a parts source or find a competent shop to complete your repair or restoration, please email that information so we can add it to the list and make it easier for others in the same boat.
-Mike Britt
The group gathers around the underside of the 1969 Crown pumper to get a close-up look and ask questions.

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Redlands F.D. Fire Mechanic Nick Lozano explains the proper method for inspection and adjustment of the slack adjusters for the air-brakes on a typical Crown pumper.

All photos by Mike Britt

(L to R): CFE members Carl Kinnel, David Rish, and Leonard Zlotorowicz, and Redlands Fire mechanic Nick Lozano inspect the underside of the Crown pumper.